Mediation with Counsel

Sometimes parties who are represented by counsel are very close to resolving issues, but have reached an impasse regarding some issue or issues. In this case, lawyers sometimes suggest mediation in an attempt to reach an agreement.

The process for mediation with counsel is almost the same as without counsel. The parties will both need to meet with Beth individually for an intake appointment prior to mediation and the cost of the mediation is generally split between them.

Counsel will each provide our office with mediation briefs a week prior to the first mediation session. These briefs will contain all required financial information and documents, as well as each party’s views regarding the issues to be mediated.

At the mediation session, both parties and their lawyers will meet with Beth to discuss the issues and attempt to reach a settlement. More than one mediation session may be required depending on the complexity of the issues and if more documentation needs to be obtained. If the parties are not comfortable being in the same room together, we have the facilities at our office to have you both remain in separate rooms.

Beth Leaper mediating. A staged photo.

We have used the legal services of Beth several times over the past few years & have experienced knowledgeable and sensitive attention to our needs. We would not hesitate to turn to her again.

Bill & Donna