Mediation is a great option for parties who want to resolve their issues outside the court process and are willing to compromise. The mediator assists the parties to "meet somewhere in the middle" in attempt to resolve all of their issues.

The form that mediation takes depends on the parties' unique situation. It can be with or without counsel, with all parties in the same room, or in separate rooms, or a combination of both. The process, including the timing and scheduling of meetings, is tailored to meet the parties' needs and is flexible. Mediation is frequently the most time and cost effective option available.

Beth Leaper with her family mediation clients. A staged photo.

During my time with Beth Leaper, I found her to be understanding, kind, patient and compassionate, yet she always presented herself, her opinions and her advice in a professional manner. I trusted her completely and relied on her experience. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.