Simple & Uncontested Divorces

If you and your spouse have been separated longer than one year, and have no property, support or custody/access issues remaining that need to be dealt with, obtaining an uncontested divorce is what you require to finalize matters.

There will be a consultation with Beth to ensure that there are no outstanding issues other than the divorce. We will ask that an intake be completed for an uncontested divorce and provided to our office prior to your meeting. You will need to bring your original marriage certificate to your consultation. If you do not have your original certificate, you can order one online at

If there are no other issues outstanding, we will prepare the court documents for you. You will need to attend the office to sign these documents and we will proceed to have the Application for divorce issued and served upon your spouse. If your spouse has not filed an Answer in response to the Application, 30 days later we may then file the remaining court documents.

Beth Leaper discussing family law issues with a male client. A staged photo.

During my time with Beth Leaper, I found her to be understanding, kind, patient and compassionate, yet she always presented herself, her opinions and her advice in a professional manner. I trusted her completely and relied on her experience. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.