I am so happy with the results that I received from utilizing Collaborative Law. Any marital breakdown is stressful, but Beth Leaper was a true professional and was always there to guide or answer any questions I had during the whole separation process. I am completely satisfied with my results and would recommend Collaborative Law to anyone seeking legal representation to support them through this difficult phase of marital breakdown.

Jennifer L.

Beth Leaper was recommended to me by a Family Court judge who said she was the best divorce lawyer in the city. She educated me on the important issues. She helped me make the tough decisions. And she guided and supported me every step of the way. I wouldn't wish divorce on anyone but when I hear that a friend or colleague is starting the fight I recommend Beth Leaper.

Carac A.

Beth Leaper is at once a consumate, highly skilled professional, and very easy to talk to. During the process of my divorce, she was helpful and thorough and gave me advice which helped me to make good decisions for myself and my children. Since my divorce, Beth and Laura have remained available to answer questions and have always helped with travel documents when needed. I would highly recommend Beth Leaper as a divorce lawyer who is no-nonsense, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Beth A.

We have used the legal services of Beth several times over the past few years & have experienced knowledgeable and sensitive attention to our needs. We would not hesitate to turn to her again.

Bill & Donna

Ms. Leaper has been representing me since 2010 and she has always provided me with the appropriate guidance that has always put our children first. Often time emotions run deep in a family breakup and Ms. Leaper is a strong believer of trying to settle everything outside of Family Court. She tried every possible means to settle my custody and support agreement outside of the courtroom, but unfortunately we weren't able to. Trust in her, listen to the advice she gives to you, and even listen to the advice you might not want to hear from her. She knows what she is doing and is an exceptional Family Law Lawyer and worth every dollar. With her support, my children are happy and doing well in school, and that is the most important thing to a mother.

Alison C.

I found Beth very helpful in achieving a separation agreement that protected my interests and outlined a fair and balanced settlement. Beth is knowledgeable, informative, comprehensive, and tenacious in her approach to preparing the grounds for divorce. I found her quick to respond when I had questions I wished answers to. She was also willing to provide a helpful hand in coaching me through the process of developing a fair separation agreement with my ex-spouse, but when discussions reached an impasse was able to step in and provide more a directive hand. I was able to keep my legal costs to a reasonable amount and stayed out of court with Beth's help. I felt I received value for the money I spent and would recommend Beth Leaper as a divorce attorney.

Carol B.

A friend of mine referred me to Beth Leaper for my separation agreement and divorce. I found her service and response time to my emails and phone calls very timely. She was great with me and helped me through a very emotional time in my life. Her encouragement and her tenacity while negotiating my agreement and settlement helped me to keep going when I wanted to give up. Since she is not with a large firm, I found her fees very reasonable which was important to me during those difficult years.

A Satisfied Client

During my time with Beth Leaper, I found her to be understanding, kind, patient and compassionate, yet she always presented herself, her opinions and her advice in a professional manner. I trusted her completely and relied on her experience. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.


Beth and her staff were extremely helpful in assisting me with a difficult legal procedure. They were courteous, respectful, and replied promptly to my requests. I always felt comfortable dealing with Beth and was well represented when attending court. I would gladly recommend her for any legal issues.


While going through a very difficult divorce that included a complicated and protracted business settlement, Beth and her staff have been one of the few consistently dependable and straightforward supporters that I could count on through this terrible situation. There were times that the advice and counsel I received was tough to hear, but time always proved that it was the right thing to do. I have always appreciated Beth's pragmatic approach to solving issues outside of the court room. She was able to bridge the gaps that existed between my ex and I at times and successfully litigated when necessary.